What is a local strategic planning statement?

    A local strategic planning statement (LSPS) is a document prepared by a council that sets out the council's 20-year vision for land use planning in an area, along with planning priorities and actions to achieve that vision. It acts as a link between the NSW Government's regional and district plans, and the finer-grained planning undertaken by council at a local level, to ensure consistency in strategic planning approaches. 

    The requirement to prepare a LSPS was introduced by the NSW Government in March 2018 as part of changes in planning legislation which recognise the importance of strategic planning and the need for alignment between state and local government plans to manage projected population growth. All councils within Greater Sydney must prepare and exhibit a draft local strategic planning statement for their area by 1 October 2019, and the statement must be made by 31 March 2020. Requirements are set out in section 3.9 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and supporting regulations. 

    See Part 1 Introduction - Draft Mosman LSPS.

    What change is projected in Greater Sydney, and Mosman, over the next 20 years?

    By 2036 the population of Greater Sydney is anticipated to increase to 6.4 million people (from 4.7 million currently), and to further increase to 8 million people by 2056. To manage anticipated growth, in March 2018 the Greater Sydney Commission released the Greater Sydney Region Plan (A Metropolis of Three Cities) and suite of District Plans which identify the NSW Government's directions and priorities relating to infrastructure, liveability, productivity and sustainability.

    Mosman is located within the North District of Greater Sydney, along with the local government areas of Hornsby, Hunter’s Hill, Ku-ring-gai, Lane Cove, North Sydney, Northern Beaches, Ryde and Willoughby. The North District's population is anticipated to increase from 886,550 to 1,082,900 people by 2036 (11% of the Greater Sydney population), with a number of areas subject to a high level of growth and change, including Macquarie Park, St Leonards and Frenchs Forest. 

    Mosman's population is anticipated to increase from 30,215 to 32,250 people by 2036, with a growing proportion of residents aged 60 years and over. This rate of population growth is consistent with past trends. The North District Plan does not identify any high growth or change areas within Mosman, reflecting the challenging geography, limited infrastructure capacity, constraints and existing density ratio of the municipality. 

    What planning challenges will be faced in Mosman?

    Mosman is an area of great natural beauty, uniquely positioned within Sydney Harbour, and renowned for its period housing and modern architecture, village centres, landscape and scenic qualities, and regional attractors including Taronga Zoo, Balmoral Beach and Sydney Harbour National Park. Over the next 20 years, Mosman will face challenges in:
    • meeting future housing demands within the limits of available land whilst preserving Mosman’s distinctive character and special sense of place, and 
    • ensuring an adequate capacity of infrastructure (particularly within the road network) to support the region's growth in population. 
    Mosman is one of the smallest local government areas within Greater Sydney at just 8.52 square km, and is an established urban area with over 65% of its housing stock comprised of medium and high density housing (higher than the Greater Sydney average of 44%). There is no surplus land for additional housing in Mosman, and all growth is in the form of infill development in existing neighbourhoods. Much of Mosman's land is unsuitable for intensification of development being steeply sloping, affected by natural hazards, within a scenic protection area or of heritage significance.

    What is Council's 20-year vision for Mosman?

    Over the next 20 years as Mosman grows and changes to meet community needs, a key priority for Council will be to maintain the high levels of environmental amenity, liveability and landscape quality that characterises Mosman. The draft Mosman LSPS contains a detailed one-page vision for Mosman considering housing, heritage, local centres, employment, traffic, open spaces, the environment and ensuring resilience. 

    What planning priorities are proposed to achieve this vision?

    To achieve the 20-year vision for Mosman, Council has identified 14 Planning Priorities relating to the themes of infrastructure and collaboration, liveability, productivity and sustainabilty, along with actions and the means to monitor the delivery of those actions. Council's planning priorities are aligned with the: 
    • Directions of the Greater Sydney Region Plan,
    • Planning priorities of the North District Plan, and 
    • Strategic direction for Mosman expressed in Council’s Community Strategic Plan, MOSPLAN 2018-2028.  

    What consultation has occurred in preparing the draft Mosman LSPS?

    Over the past 18 months, numerous workshops have been held with Mosman Councillors, the Greater Sydney Commission, NSW Department of Planning and Environment and other State agencies, and collaboration on planning issues undertaken with councils within the North District, including North Sydney Council with which Mosman shares a municipal boundary, and the Northern Sydney Region of Councils (NSROC). This consultation is outlined in further detail in the report considered at the Council Meeting held on 4 June 2019

    The draft Mosman LSPS builds upon the extensive community consultation undertaken in developing MOSPLAN in 2018 including resident feedback on:
    • What are the issues?
    • What would residents like to see changed?
    • What do residents value?
    • What would residents like to see retained?

    Can I make a submission?

    Yes. Submissions on the draft Mosman LSPS are welcomed until 7 August 2019. Refer to the 'Provide Your Feedback' section of this website for details on how you can make a submission via letter, email or online submission form.

    What happens after public exhibition?

    Once public exhibition ceases, submissions received will be reviewed and a report prepared for Council's consideration (date to be determined). The report will outline submissions received, identify any changes that should be made to the draft Mosman LSPS as a result of those submissions, and seek Council's endorsement to make the plan (subject to the Greater Sydney Commission's approval). A LSPS cannot be made by the council unless the Greater Sydney Commission has advised in writing that it supports the statement as being consistent with the applicable regional and district strategic plans (section 3.9(3A), Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979). The statement must be made by 31 March 2020.

    Where can I find more information?

    This website contains comprehensive information about the draft Mosman LSPS within the introductory page, FAQ, Document Library, Important Links and Key Dates pages. The draft Mosman LSPS can also be viewed online or in hard-copy within Council's offices (first floor) during 8.30am - 5pm, Monday to Friday. If you would like to speak with someone in person, Council's Urban Planning Team is available to answer any enquiries that you may have. Refer to the Enquiries section of this website, or visit us at Council.