What is a Contributions Plan?

    A Contributions Plan provides the legislative basis for contributions to be levied on new development pursuant to sections 7.11 and 7.12 (previously sections 94 and 94A) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act.  Funds collected from the levy are used by Council to provide improved public facilities.  The specific projects which are to be funded are identified in the Works Schedule (found in Appendix B) of the Contributions Plan.

    Why is Council preparing a new Contributions Plan?

    A new contributions plan has been prepared to provide updated references to legislation and an updated schedule of projects that would be funded including: 
    • Redevelopment of the Allan Border Oval Pavilion and the Middle Head Oval Pavilion; 
    • Playground upgrades at Bay Street Reserve, Clifton Gardens Reserve, Hunter Park and Reid Park; 
    • Implementation of the Mosman Bicycle Plan and Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan; and 
    • Upgrades to the Mosman Swim Centre and Balmoral Baths 

    When did Council resolve to publicly exhibit the Contributions Plan?

    At the ordinary meeting of Council held on 3 April 2018, Council considered a report on MOSPLAN 2018-2028.  This report identified that some of the proposed projects in MOSPLAN are intended to be funded from development contributions.  Accordingly, the Works Schedule of the Contributions Plan needs to be amended to cover these projects.

    What changes are proposed to be made to the Contributions Plan?

    The proposed changes to the Contributions Plan over the existing Section 94A Contributions Plan primarily involve an updated Schedule of Works.  Updates have also been made to reflect changes to the numbering of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act. 

    The exhibition includes the Contributions Plan with proposed changes marked up in red throughout the document.

    Can I make a submission?

    Yes. You can make a submission, in writing to Council, before the close of submissions date of 17 May 2018, via –  
    • email to council@mosman.nsw.gov.au  
    • post to the General Manager, Mosman Council, PO Box 211, Spit Junction NSW 2088  
    • the Online Submission Form on this webpage
    All submissions will be available for inspection on Council’s document management system and website under Council’s Access to Information Policy.