Option 1 - Maintain Mosman's Independence along with extensive collaboration with other councils, especially with SHOROC

What does this mean?

  • Mosman continues as a stand-alone local government area, with its own locally-elected Council and local service delivery.
  • Mosman local government area remains at its current size of 8.7 km.
  • Mosman Council engages extensively in cross-border collaboration with other councils, particularly with the northern beaches grouping of councils (SHOROC) and other local authorities in northern Sydney.
  • Mosman Council does not merge with any other local government authority.

Some factors to consider

  • The 'identity' and history of Mosman would be preserved.
  • Local political representation would be retained.
  • A local civic centre and all related facilities would be retained.
  • Current Council policies, priorities and service standards can be maintained.
  • The successful collaborations and partnerships that Mosman Council has established with other local Councils could continue. This includes joint purchasing and service delivery arrangements that have already delivered significant cost savings. New opportunities would continue to be sought.
  • Mosman has a financially viable Council. If IPART approves the current application for a small Special Rate Variation (a 5.6% real increase over 2014-15), Mosman Council will be able to demonstrate formally that it meets the financial ratios outlined in the NSW Government’s ‘Fit for the Future‘ program.
  • Mosman Council would not be able to demonstrate that it meets the 'scale and capacity' that the NSW Government has indicated as appropriate for a local government organisation.