Option 4 - Mosman Council merger with Manly Council

What does this mean?

  • Mosman Council merges with Manly Council into one organisation, with one elected Council and centralised administration and service delivery.
  • Mosman as a local government area ceases to exist, becoming part of a larger local area. A merger with Manly would result in an overall area of 23.2 km.
  • The combined population of the new local government area would be more than 74,000 compared with Mosman's population of 29,900.
  • The location for an amalgamated Council would need to be negotiated - e.g. either Mosman or Manly.

Some factors to consider

  • Mosman and Manly Councils have worked together for many years as members of SHOROC.
  • Mosman has not approached Manly Council for discussions and neither Council has indicated its support for this option.
  • The merged Councils would be closer to the 'scale and capacity' criteria that the NSW Government has indicated as appropriate for a local government organisation, but would still not meet these criteria.
  • No business case has been prepared for this proposal.
  • There do not seem to be any significant benefits of a merger with Manly.
  • Many of the costs associated with loss of independence that would occur in a mega merger (Option 2) would also occur in a merger with Manly.