Why is Council considering changes to parking time limits in Mosman?

    Traffic management and car parking have been identified as issues of high importance and concern for the Mosman community. 

    Mosman Council has responded by developing the Mosman Parking Strategy.

    One of the strategy’s recommendations is new or changed parking time restrictions in the streets in and around the commercial centres of Military Road and Spit Road. This would mean the areas that need the highest turnoverof cars have the shortest times for parking.

    During community consultation last year, many people told us they often need only a short-stay parking spot so they can visit a local shop or business. At the moment, they end up driving around for an extended period, which adds to traffic congestion.

    The strategy will help ensure there’s a fair distribution of available public parking spaces at different times of the day, week and year – and meet Mosman’s demands into the future. 

    What time limit changes is Council considering?

    The proposal consists of reviewing parking time restrictions in Military Road and streets surrounding Military and Spit Roads, including:

    1. Restricting parking in Military Road to half an hour, seven days a week, from 8.30am to 6pm.
    2. Introducing one or two-hour parking restrictions in streets up to 300 metres from Military Road and Spit Road between 8.30am and 6pm on weekdays and from 8.30am to 12.30pm on Saturdays.
    3. Consideration of Resident Parking Schemes in residential streets, in conjunction with new or changed parking restrictions.

    Why is Council asking for my opinion?

    Councillors considered the draft Mosman Parking Strategy in April 2015, and formally adopted it on the basis that the community would be consulted on any proposed changes to on-street parking time restrictions.

    It’s now time to have your say on the proposed time limit changes.

    How was the Mosman Parking Strategy put together?

    Parking and traffic experts looked at traffic flow and parking patterns in and around the main commercial areas. The community was widely consulted through workshops, questionnaires and an online survey. The overwhelming response was that “parking is a problem Council needs to address.”

    The strategy includes a number of ways to address parking and traffic issues in Mosman:

    1. Improve the use of existing on and off-street parking, through
      - New/changed time restrictions so areas of highest demand have shortest parking times
      - Better signage and lighting for Council car parks
      - A review of the way Council enforces parking restrictions to ensure time limits are being followed
      - Considering long-term options for paid parking
    2. Encourage residents to reduce their reliance on cars and individual car trips, through car sharing and other forms of transport
    3. Consider future needs for additional parking areas

    Some elements of the strategy – such as proposed changes to time limits for on-street parking – can be put in place relatively quickly to improve turnover of parking spaces.

    Other elements will require detailed planning and consideration, and may be implemented in the future.

    What are the current parking restrictions?

    Many different parking restrictions are currently in place, particularly in Military Road. These include one-hour, half-hour, 15-minute and five-minute parking, and some restrictions apply for different hours of the day.

    The proposed changes will help make parking restrictions more consistent and easier to understand.

    Under the proposal, parking in Military Road will be limited to half an hour, except for zones that already have a short-term limit, such as 15 or five minutes, which are more likely to remain unchanged.

    How can I have my say?

    We want to hear from as many people as possible, so Council can take everyone’s views into consideration before making decisions about changes to parking time restrictions.

    You can have your say in many different ways:

    • Visit www.mosman.nsw.gov.au and make your comment online
    • Visit Council’s library and fill out a feedback form
    • Visit one of our “listening posts” and have your say in person, on video or in writing. Listening posts will be held at:
      - Mosman Markets, Saturday 5 September, 8am to 10am
      - Mosman Junction, Thursday 10 September, 9am to 11am
      - Bridgepoint Shopping Centre, Wednesday 16 September, 2pm to 4pm

    Please make your comments by Friday 18 September 2015.

    I live near Military Road – how will the proposed changes affect me?

    We’re considering introducing or changing parking time restrictions in streets up to 300 metres from Military Road and Spit Road, and we’d like to hear your views on:

    • How parking time restrictions on weekdays and Saturday mornings would affect you
    • Whether you are eligible for a parking permit under the Resident Parking Scheme
    • Whether you think parking time restrictions in your street should be one or two hours

    Residents and property owners in streets up to 300 metres from Military Road and Spit Road, will receive a letter about the proposed changes and a feedback form to return to Council. 

    What about special arrangements for bus zones and school pick up and drop off areas?

    Any existing special zones will remain in place and will not be affected by changes to parking time restrictions.

    Arrangements for these zones may be reviewed in the future.

    What about Council parking areas?

    We’re not considering changes to time limits in off-street parking areas at this stage.

    Any proposed time limit changes in Council’s off-street parking areas would be considered in a separate process.

    Will my views be listened to?

    Yes, everyone’s views will be listened to and taken into account in any decisions about new or changed on-street parking time limits.

    Once the community consultation period closes on Friday 18 September, all feedback will be analysed and a report prepared for the Local Traffic Committee. It’s expected the committee will then make a recommendation to Mosman Council.

    Will Council introduce paid parking in Mosman?

    At this stage Council is only proposing changes to parking time limits on streets in and around Mosman’s commercial areas. There are no immediate plans to introduce paid parking.

    The Mosman Parking Strategy will be rolled out over the next five years, and the community will be kept informed of each stage of implementation. Part of the implementation will involve the calling of tenders for parking technology, to provide more accurate data on parking usage. Council may in the future consider appropriate parking restrictions and fees in some areas after a suitable free period. The community would be consulted before any decision was made on paid parking.

    How can I find out more about the Mosman Parking Strategy?

    You can view the full strategy here.

    If you have further questions, please contact Council’s Parking Officer on 9978 4000